Gluaiseacht Submission on the new 293MW Kilshane Gas power plant in Finglas

According to the Eirgrid’s 2021 “All-Ireland Generation Capacity Statement” there is currently 6183 MW of fossil fuel based electricity generating capacity in Ireland. The proposal to add 2000 MW of gas fired power plants to the system in the coming years, therefore signifies adding 32% more fossil fuel generating capacity to current levels. That this is being added to the system mainly to feed brand new demand is as clear an indication as possible that the climate crisis, or Ireland's commitments to greenhouse gas reductions are not currently being taken seriously.

The obvious solution to prevent greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions from the burning of fossil fuels is to stop burning them - we need to rapidly reduce our energy demand back to within the capacity of our renewable resources. An overall reduction in energy use is the only viable basis for tackling climate change. This means we need strategies of so-called ‘energy descent’ and ‘de-growth economics’. The
strategies of using economic growth and interest rates as a means to provide for the necessities of life, need to be disposed of and replaced with strategies that don’t mine non-renewable resources.

This proposed development does the direct opposite to this and so should be rejected out of hand.

See full submissions here: Gas Power Plant Submission - Kilshane.pdf

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