Gluaiseacht Submission against Amazon Data Centre in Clonshaugh


No to Amazon’s data centre expansion
No to gas expansion
No to the Climate Crisis

Whatever way you look at this project it can in no way be considered to be good for the people of Dublin, the people of Ireland or the people of the Earth. At a time when the climate emergency could not be any more stark and when everyone is looking at minimising use of carbon based energy systems this single project seeks to increase both energy and water usage by massive amounts. We will show in this document the mind bogglingly massive amounts of energy use that is proposed for this project.

These massive energy costs will result in a huge increase in the burning of natural gas. Which, as a fossil fuel, involves one way CO2 emissions. Will this increase in the amount of energy used be for the benefit of Irish citizens we ask? Will it be used to add to our food security? Will it add large amounts of jobs? Will it help to solve the housing emergency? Will it help improve our health service. The answer to all these questions is no. No, it will only be used to provide space for the endless duplication of data. The data we all have from the endless back ups of smart phone pics or hard drive back ups we will never look at as we upgrade our devices.

Glu Amazon Submission.pdf

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