June 2011

Paul Cullen - Irish Times

IRELAND STILL faces the threat of massive fines for illegal turf cutting on protected raised bogs despite an agreement reached last week to end the practice, according to the European Commission.

The commission noted the agreement reached by turf cutters and environmental organisations but was anxious to see if it resulted in a complete end to the cutting of turf on the protected bogs, a senior source told The Irish Times.

Gluaiseacht Member Joins Forces With Neighbors To Protect Ancient Trees

Gluaiseacht carries out work in the following areas:

Support for Protest Actions

Gluaiseacht wishes to maintain as a core activity, logistical, infrastructural and organisational support for environmentally focused protest camps and actions around the island. We believe in empowering people to take control of their lives to move towards a more sustainable future, without necessarily waiting for governments and local authorities to do so.

Shell To Sea

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Gluaiseacht is a non-hierarchical environmental and social justice movement bringing together grassroots organisations, concerned individuals and student groups from all over Ireland to raise awareness and take non-violent direct action on social, environmental and political issues.

We’re a diverse group, a loose campaign and skills network who share the same vision of a truly democratic and sustainable society. Gluaiseacht is a member of the Irish Environmental Network. We gratefully acknowledge their support over the years.


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