Gluaiseacht Skillshare Weekend

Gluaiseacht Skillshare Weekend

23-25 April Seomra Spraoi

10 Belveder Court

Just north off Mountjoy square
Friday evening

  • 6pm Tea/coffee, introduction to weekend.
  • 7pm Cap and Trade v Cap and Share.
    Richard Douthwaite from Feasta looks at Cap and Trade v Cap and Share


  • 10Am Welcome and breakfast.
  • 11-12.30

A: Irelands Oil and Gas Resources

Despite Ireland having large volumes of oil and gas resources, most people in Ireland are of the opinion that we are a resource poor country. This workshop aims give participants practical knowledge about Ireland’s oil and gas resources, with a focus on how those resources are currently used and looking at who is profiting from these resources. With the Irish Government estimating our oil and gas resources to be worth over 400 billion euros, this workshop is important for anyone with an interest in environmental, social and/or economic issues.

This will be a participatory workshop, which aims to inform participants of and explore:

How much oil and gas we have.

Where it is (how many more Rossports will we have?).

How much is it worth and who profits?

Security of supply issues

Alternatives to the current system.

The workshop will be open to all, and will be useful for people with all levels of knowledge on this issue, from no idea what any of the above is about, to people who have a good idea, but want to know more.

Dublin Shell to Sea will be facilitating this workshop.

All of the information given at the workshop has been reliably sourced, referenced and is based on government official figures.


B: Campus Organising

Fergus and Hassan for National University of Ireland Maynooth

Fergus and Hassan, along with others helped set up the Maynooth branch of Free Euducation for Everyone campaign. In this workshop they will lead of a discussion sharing experiences of how students can most effectively organise campaigns on campus, that not only seek to empower students but also the staff both academic and support workers


  • 12.30-2. Lunch, with space for informal discussions chats, film shorts, meet up about the cycle to mayo etc


  • 2.00-.3.30

Water Tax.

Paul Bowman of Workers Solidarity Movement

Long time community activist Paul Bowman, involved in the successful campaign to defeat the controversial Poll Tax in the UK leads of a conversation about why the proposed Water Tax should be resisted, and how best this can be done. Whilst this tax is being discussed as a “conservation” measure, this workshop/discussion looks at why social justice activists should be opposing measures that only increase wealth gaps, and seeks to draw the traditional “green” and “red” arguments to a common understanding that can build healthy empowered community movements

Food Sovereignty

Kevin and Others

This practical workshop and skill share will include seed planting and a visit to one of Dublins community garden and explore the idea of who controls our food chain and supply and why food sovereignty is central to social and ecological justice.

Climate Justice Action and Irish Climate Camp

Michael Reinsborough and Irish Climate camp

This workshop will look at the current state of Climate Justice Action network and how the planning for this years irish cliomate camp is going


  • 3.45- 5.15

Corrib extraction and climate change.

Eoin Rossport Solidarity Camp

As the science of climate change increasing show that CO2 and other greenhouse emissions are on the increase, this discussion looks how the of the extraction Corrib oil and gas field will contribute to climate change and looks at the case of non extraction

The Environment and the media, Friend or Foe?’

Ciaran from Community Media Co-op Near FM

A workshop to be run by Near Media Co-op to explore the following issues:

The role of media in influencing attitudes and behaviour.

The role of media in terms of environmental information.

The role of media in terms of promoting sustainable living.

Climate infrastructual work

Ian Lumley of An Taisce

offers a briefing on upcoming climate-relevant infrastructure projects in Ireland.


  • 5.30 dinner and then suggesting people go to the climate camp fund-raiser comedy night from 9pm Peadar Kearney’s pub on Dame St

This Saturday, Abie Philbin Bowman, star of such shows as “Jesus: the Guantanamo Years” and “Eco-Friendly Jihad”, provides a night of comedy in support of climate camp.And more entertainment from: James Marsh Kevin Goldsmith


Sunday 25th

  • 11-12 am Breakfast
  • 1pm

Activist Security

This workshop looks at how best to improve our own security when planning actions

Hands on 12v electricity workshop

A practical DIY guide to using 12 Volt electricity

  • 2.30

Weekend wrap up discussion. An opportunity to all involved to draw from the weekend.

Just where do we go from here given the convergence of crisis’s. How are the financial and ecological costs of capitalism linked and in what ways can we positively resist this with a vision of social and ecological justice

  • 4.30pm Dinner

There will be child friendly activities through out the day on Saturday for the kids, and some people have offered to have bike workshops during Saturday as well. There is also room for informal stuff in the main area too, but the kitchen will be out of bounds for the duration to prepare food etc.

Please leave contact details at the registration sheets at the front door. If you need accommodation please speak to one of the welcoming people and we will try our best to match you up. Vegan food will be provided, but if you have other dietary requirements contact us on 0851399695.

This weekend will take place in Seomra Spraoi Autonomous Social
Center, 10 Belvedre court, Dublin -

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